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Fleas are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They are notorious public health pests and are known vectors of several serious diseases.  D & D Pest Control Co. services provides best * Affordable and high-quality flea control services throughout the Kinston / Lenoir County area and all of Eastern North Carolina.


Flea Control | Flea Treatment - Kinston, NC

Flea Facts – Flea Control | Flea Treatment:

  • One flea can lay 50 – 60 eggs a day.
  • Fleas are parasites and feed on blood.
  • Fleas can live upto 100 days.
  • One flea can bite upto 400 times a day.
  • Flea can jump 8 – 12 inches.

How Long Can A Flea Live:

A flea can live a year and a half under ideal conditions. These includes a good host for feed, temperature and humidity. Generally, an adult flea will live 2 to 4 months. Without a host for food, a flea might die in just a few days.

Flea Life Cycle

In any flea infestation there are four stages of the flea live cycle present: The egg, larva, cocoon and the adult. While the adult is the most visible stage of the flea development, it accounts for only 1% of a flea infestation.

Adult female fleas feed then lay their eggs on a host, upto 50 eggs a day. Their eggs make up 34% of the typical flea infestation. Flea eggs fall of the host into carpet where they hatch into worm like larvae after 10 days. Larvae make up the majority of a flea population, as much as 57%. After feeding for 5 – 11 days, they begin to produce a silk like cocoon and enter the pupil stage. New flea adults usually emerge form the pupal stage in 8 days.

 Building a flea trap

Building a flea monitoring trap is easy, place a bowl of water beneath a plugged in night light. Fleas are attracted to the light and will jump into the bowl of water. Once in the bowl they will be unable to get out. By using this method you will be able to test and monitor if you have a flea infestation.

D & D Pest Control Co. usually can completely eliminate fleas from your home in one visit — if you do your part, as well. 

  • Clear all floor surfaces, Vacuum, Vacuum and Vacuum
  • Remove all Pet bedding on the day of the flea treatment, and wash it in detergent and the hottest water the fabrics can stand.
  • Right before the treatment, cover fish aquariums and turn off the air pumps. Expensive fish should be removed for the property.
  • If we will be treating your yard, mow the lawn and clear it of toys and other pet items, especially in and around the doghouse, or other areas that your pets frequent.
  • Arrange for any pets to be treated by a local vet or a pet groomer at the same time that we’ll be treating your home – this is for double protection.

Our pest technicians are both the training and have first-hand experience to correctly identify and eradicating any Flea infestation. Properly identifying the severity of the flea infestation is the first step in making your home or business flea free.

D & D Pest Control Co’s Professional exterminator can provide the certification needed to backup our claims as being the most dependable, trustworthy and best pest control company in Kinston / Lenoir County, NC. Every employee has met the strict requirements we have in place. Each has been fully vetted through both the local and North Carolina Authorities, and they have been licensed, certified, and insured in order to meet all North Carolina Regulatory Compliance Standards.

For professional Flea extermination in the Lenoir County / Kinston, North Carolina area, call D & D Pest Control Co. at (252)523-8255.  Or fill out a contact form for quick, effective Flea eradication in Lenoir County North Carolina.