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House Flies

All About House Flies and How to Control Them

House flies are a nuisance and can be a health hazard. They can spread germs and diseases as they feed on decaying matter and then land on food. To prevent this, it is important to understand the life cycle of the house fly and the best ways to control them.

The Life Cycle of the House Fly

The house fly’s life cycle consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The female fly can lay up to 150 eggs at a time, usually in decaying organic matter, such as garbage or animal feces. The eggs hatch in 12-24 hours, and the larva feed on the organic matter, growing up to 6.5mm long. After 4-6 days, the larva will enter the pupal stage, forming a cocoon-like structure. In 2-3 days, the pupa will transform into an adult fly. The adult fly will live for 2-4 weeks.

How to Prevent House Flies

The best way to prevent house flies is to keep your home and yard free of any decaying matter. Be sure to properly dispose of garbage, clean up pet waste, and keep animal enclosures clean. Also, keep windows and doors closed, and use screens to keep flies from entering your home.

How to Control House Flies

Once house flies have invaded your home, there are several ways to control them. Traps, baits, and insecticides can all be used to control the fly population. Traps are the most effective if placed near potential breeding sites. Baits can attract and kill flies, and insecticides can be used as a last resort if the infestation is too large to control with traps and baits.


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