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Pestbot – Pest Control Ai


PestBot is an AIpowered pest control assistant that helps you identify and research pest control problems. It can be used to quickly identify common pests, learn about the different types of pest control solutions available, and get helpful advice on controlling pests in your home or business. PestBot can provide information on the best methods for eradicating pests, as well as safety tips to ensure your family and pets are safe. It can also help you find reliable pest control professionals in your area, as well as provide you with uptodate research on the latest pest control techniques. With PestBot, you can find the answers you need to protect your home and business from unwanted pests.

Example: Write me a German cockroach treatment plan and list what products to purchase

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Describe what kind of inspect you want to see;  Example:  Fire Ant, German roach ect…

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