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T-rex Rat and Rodent Trap with attractant bait cup


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TRex – Rat Traps are an effective, longlasting, and easytouse solution for your rat problem. The traps feature a unique design that encourages rats to enter the trap and are constructed out of durable plastic and metal, making them a dependable choice. To set the trap, simply place the bait inside the trap, then press the top down and secure the latch. Once the rat enters the trap, the springloaded door will close and keep the rat safely inside until you can dispose of it. The T-Rex Rat Traps are a great way to keep your home free of rodents!

The T-Rex is a superior rat trap, with its ferocious grip, the T-Rex rat snap trap gives superior trapping power to those who would rather not use poisons or baits. The  T-Rex combines trigger sensitivity with the exact trap velocity needed to catch and kill rats. Its interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible. Safer to use than other rat snap traps, The T-Rex can be set by foot or hand. Its removable bait cup makes it easy to refill with an attractant “Peanut butter”.

Product Features: 
-Placed alone or in pairs back-to-back along rat runways.
– Zip tie on pipes, rafters ect..


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