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Rodent Bait Station Plan


1. We select an appropriate type of bait station to use. Make sure the bait station is appropriate for the type of rodent, size of the area, and the amount of bait and number of bait stations needed.

2. Carefully inspect the exterior of the building. Look for signs of entry points, such as holes, cracks, or gaps and seal these entry point if possible.

3. Place bait stations at all entry points and other areas where rodent activity has been observed. Ensure that the bait stations are securely mounted to the ground or paving block and inaccessible to children, pets, and other animals.

4. Monitor the bait stations regularly to make sure they are functioning correctly and to replace the bait if it is depleted.

5. Follow up with other measures if the bait stations are not effective in controlling the rodent population. This could include trapping or the use of rodenticides.

6. Report any findings to the property owner and provide recommendations for further improvements.

7. Educate the property owner on the importance of regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the bait stations are working properly.

8. Document all inspections and maintenance activities for future reference.

9. Follow up with the property owner periodically to make sure the bait stations are still working effectively.